I’m a farm-raised technophile hooked on community-run art and technology initiatives.

Originally lost in my family’s machine shop, I went on to create an interdisciplinary art practice in college and—more recently—lead several creative and community-focused projects in California.

I sometimes use email and twitter.

Present + past:

Santa Barbara Mesh — A group of like-minded individuals looking to create a cooperative and open alternative to local ISPs.

Product Creation — All facets of product design from hardware and software development to UX problem solving.

Juvenile in Justice — Art direction of a unique collection of images inside the American juvenile justice system, which are made available to all institutions and non-profits aimed at youth justice system reform.

Uppur Bunk — A collaborative art space in Goleta, CA founded in 2011.

Los Médicos Voladores — Member of a volunteer-based, non-religious, non-profit organization of pilots and medical professionals providing free clinics to underserved communities in Central America.